Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Now, back to KeySuite ...

Chapura > Products > KeySuite

I'm back to KeySuite in my long battle to survive the Palm <-> Outlook (Online/Offline/2003SyncMode) <-> Exchange kludge. Over the past few years I've ping-ponged between Intellisync, PocketMirror Pro, BeyondContacts, and KeySuite. It's been a hell of a ride, and costly to boot (though my time cost DWARFS the relatively low cost of the software). Nothing's worked well, but the Tungsten E's revised data model was the kiss of death for PocketMirror.

Now I'm in CLIE land, using SONY's less severe hacks on the old Palm databases. At least my home sync with Outlook using PocketMirror seems to work again! Hallelujah.

Meanwhile, at work, I could now try PM Pro again (sigh), but lately I've stayed with the "safer" alaternatives of BeyondContacts and KeySuite. In the past 3 months both have gone bad. BeyondContacts was the last one to give me a mess of duplicate items (contacts, tasks) and to hose my calendar.

I did learn something new in the latest go-round. I studied modification dates in Outlook, and I learned that modification dates on tasks and contacts were changing -- even when I'd not touched the tasks and contacts and even between palm synchronizations. So, something is messing with my data when it sits on the Exchange server. I can see why that would hose my synchronizations!!

KeySuite lets me sync to folders that aren't the default folders. Also, it was updated last January. Lastly, I really detest DataViz's approach to customer support and tech support -- the worst I've ever seen.

So now I'm trying KeySuite again but with a twist:

1. I created an external PST file.
2. ALL my tasks, notes, and contacts live in the external file. THEY NO LONGER SYNC WITH EXCHANGE. Only my calendar continues to sync with Exchange.
3. I sync KeySuite with the external PST folders. For the calendar I'm running with Outlook overwrites HH for now.

We'll see how this works! I'm oddly optimistic that by taking Exchange largely out of the equation that life may take a turn for the better. Maybe oneday I'll even return to PocketMirror Pro!

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Twilight in the Palm PDA world

Today Sony announced that it will no longer develop and sell Clie handheld models to the United States market, at least for the foreseeable future.

So now there's only PalmOne, and within PalmOne there's really a focus primarily on the Treo. I'm not sure the PocketPC world is much healthier.

The current CLIEs may on sale at great prices unless SONY has been able to restrict the channel sufficiently.

I wonder who PalmSource is selling to now? How many phone licensees are there?