Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Google Groups: View Thread "Backup and memory cards: is there really no auto-bac..."

Google Groups: View Thread "Backup and memory cards: is there really no auto-bac..."

From: (John Faughnan)
Newsgroups: comp.sys.palmtops.pilot
Subject: Re: Backup and memory cards: is there really no auto-backup with HotSync?
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Jim Anderson wrote in message news:...
> > My CLIE TJ-27 has a 64MB memory stick. I put a few things on the
> > memory stick, in particular SplashPhoto, JFile, and even AvantGo will
> > use the memory stick.
> > Problem is, the MemoryStick is not backed up during a HotSync.

> The backup model for the Palmone is;
> Everything you Hotsync to the RAM or the SD Card is copied to c:\...
> \palm\[username]\backup, the only thing left to backup is the data in
> RAM.
> Why keep backing up the stuff that does not change?

Unfortunately, it's only the data on the PDA itself that's
automatically backed up by PalmOne's software. MemoryStick or other
memory card data is not backed up. The BackupBuddy site confirms this,
as does my testing.

BackupBuddy will do a backup from the memory stick, but it won't do a
restore. You have to mount the MS in a card reader and restore via the
Windows file manager. (There's another even less elegant approach if
one lacks a card reader.)

I suspect BB can't do a restore because there's missing OS
functionality. This is really functionality PalmOne ought to provide.
I suspect it's one of those things that went overboard at the end of
the 2nd golden age [1].

I'll use my MS to store data that is not essential and that can be
regenerated as needed. I'll also use the SONY CLIE MemoryStick backup
utility for the OS.


[1] Society for the preservation of the true pda.
The first golden age was the Newton. The second ended after the Palm
Vx when Microsoft destroyed the "one true" PDA market.

Friday, July 02, 2004

Why I won't pay over $200 for a PDA: shattered glass

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I pulled my CLIE TJ-27 out of my backpack the other day. Shattered glass!

Every 2 years or so I trash my PDA. Typically I lose a few days of data. Annoyingly I had recently installed a Memory Stick in the TJ-27 -- I could have been backing up to the stick, but I wasn't. Just hadn't gotten in the habbit.

Turns out there are MANY services that do repairs for these things for $60-$70. I'll see what SONY charges (it was two months old) as well and see which of these companies has a better rep.

I bought a new TJ-27 -- I can't wait for a repair. A few lessons:

1. I bought the TJ-27 with my AMEX Blue. It has loss replacement for up to 90 days. It looks like I'll be covered for this loss! We'll see, but this is another reason to get an AMEX Blue (if it works). Besides, I like the cash-back and the AMEX security policies.

2. If you are a member of the cult of the TRUE PDA, you always have your PDA with you. If you're an active person it will, sooner or later, get trashed or lost. A good reason to keep purchases at the lower end.

3. Backing up to removeable media won't help if the PDA is stolen, but it sure helps if the glass breaks! Do this when traveling -- but beware security issues. Use encrypted databases if you want to keep data safe, don't depend on PalmOS security.

4. If the broken one repairs well, I may sell the new/good one on Amazon. So it will be a good deal for someone since it'll have been used for only a few weeks! (I won't sell the repaired one.) Or keep it for a backup.

Update: The ideal approach to PDA vulnerability is probably something like:

1. Backup routinely (automatically) to internal memory card daily.
2. Buy a very generic PDA, so when it breaks one can run over to OfficeMax, open a box, plug in the memory card, and restore. Thirty minutes ought to be enough.